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Our PointePay Retail Solution Is A Software That Utilizes Top-notch Technologies To Effectively And Efficiently Automate Business Transaction Processes.

Our PointePay retail solution is a software that utilizes Top-notch Technologies to effectively and efficiently automate business transaction processes. PointePay is a mobile application that helps merchants to manage all aspect of their business from inventory, receiving payment, managing employees, having database of customers and rewarding them. It helps the merchants to see live sales, and report through its real-time dashboard with just one click on the mobile phone even when being in transit. With multiple channels of receiving payments.

We provide top of the line payment solution to MSMEs for them to grow their business efficiently. Using our solution, merchants can transact and monitor their businesses on the go.

PointePay Retail solution is for both medium and small business enterprises such as Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Boutiques, Restaurant, Eatery, Hotels, Saloons, Hospitals, etc., it is simply a business made easy application.

With PointePay Retail, our merchants have an additional means of making money with our Value-Added Services, they can vend airtime and make bill payment for themselves and their customers.