SpacePointe is a global payments technology company that focuses on the digital transformation of both formal and informal sector in US and Africa.

With years of innovation, subject matter expertise and operational execution experience, SpacePointe is helping to redefine industries with advance technology that is unmatched by its competitors.

With so many solutions servicing the US and African markets, digitizing this demography is not just about putting payment systems in their hands; SpacePointe utilizes a combination of technology and key business partnerships to overcome barriers to entry.

With contactless payments initiative across US and Africa, and with the ubiquity of mobile devices, SpacePointe is at the forefront to empower partners with adequate solutions by providing a platform with multiple payment options.

We are making the way for digital cloud products and services that can be assessed from anywhere, anytime by using mobile devices as a delivering payment channel like never before.

We Are


We are a global financial technology company that innovate and design payment solutions for ​small and medium sized business owners.​

Inclusion Inspired

Our solutions bring small business owners what they typically would ​not have access to, at a price they can afford​.​

Award Winning

Our small business solutions have won global awards and recognition for ​being inclusive and innovative around the small business needs​.


SpacePointe’s mission is to create a difference in the fintech industry by implementing innovative technology. We focus on providing seamless and easy technology solutions for payment for both formal and ​informal sectors, while ensuring both users and operators needs are met and exceeded with unmatched ​industry innovation.

Spacepointe, Inc Values

Our Commitments
  • Provide our customers with high end technology products at a good price.
  • Be a preferred employer where every employee has a wonderful work environment.
  • Help sustain the environment and serve our communities.
In fulfilling our commitment, we always live by our core values:

We seek and embrace differences in the backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities of all employees and vendors. 

Integrity & Honesty

We at SpacePointe will always provide honest and truthful assistance. There is always room for improvement in this world. We must lead by example. If we start by having high moral and ethical standards, then there is less room we might fall short of your expectations.


With our spotlight on many platforms, focused on the POS and payment industry for many years, we have noticed the changes that have taken place with the Point-of-Sale system and subsequent migration to cloud based products. Our staff continues to educate and transition as this marketplace changes. This experience provides you with resources, knowledge, best practices, and guidance to compete in this ever-changing market.


We dedicate ourselves to our customers, with a pledge of excellence and loyalty to reach complete satisfaction. We believe in providing training on the proper functionality of your system to ensure you get the most valuable data possible to run your businesses.

We are dependable, not only for the source of capital we provide, but also for how we carefully manage the relationships we develop. We believe consistency is key to building trust.


We work hard to be that dependable partner that can assist you in maintaining your entire system. Our expertise includes focusing on the health of your network, overall reliability, and the security of your data. With our remote access monitoring, we are able to quickly jump in to resolve issues, often even before you realize an issue exist.